On Strike

Beholden by her… she exhibits her bodacious art in the most exquisite of museums well proportioned and aesthetic Stricken… she goes on stubborn strike resisting my iconic admiration aloofly alien and apathetic Confused… why won’t she strike a pose? let me sketch her ripe grapes with the long vines of my charcoal? Incensed… I shall […]

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My lengthy longings are folded up in my secret envelopes my strength, as a red pool before the flame of her presence I can barely breathe, overwhelmed by her with not even a wish to blow out the candles Though she’s incredibly hot it’s her simple smile that melts my heart Her fragrant perfume lingers […]

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2018 NYR

In this… regnant reign of 2018, I am rigidly resolved and resolutely riveted to resolve the rancid, rampant, and relentless rule of the ridiculing riddle of rambunctious entropy. Which is to… fathom, I’d frankly rather fancy to fumble with fussy figures to affix formerly in a foreboding, foaming fabrication than to firmly finalize a fastidious… […]

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Four Hours Away

What intensity!  Such Grandiosity!  Sheer craziness!  Tristan und Insolde, who shall ever know whether you drank the potion of love or the draught of death! The vitality of her love was so intense that the aroma of her sweet fragrance lingers for a full year since I last inhaled her tender kisses.  Painfully slow did […]

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I Cried a Tear and I Liked It

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” so calculate this, two songs and four music videos down memory lane.  If you start to feel nostalgic, as we go back in time, don’t forget that  “it’s not yesterday, anymore” – Talking Heads (1977).  How things can change in the space of a decade… Katy Perry – […]

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Freedom is Not Free

Came across some old notes from April 2012:   Freedom is not free But I don’t agree that this statement should occur in context of and support of the military.  Violence is not the ultimate price for freedom.  Perhaps it can be necessary to secure freedom.  More than likely, however, freedom requires work of a […]

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Proselytize Me

11/25/2015 9:29 PM I’m worked up and in a bit of a zealous frenzy, like I’ve been warped in by a Protoss gateway. I made the mistake of allowing three young, handsome gentlemen into my home.  They were going door-to-door in my neighborhood, proselytizing.  I have somewhat been waiting for this to happen… it was […]

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